12 Reasons Why We Love Austin

Bingo With A Difference. At the Little Longhorn Saloon, owned by country-music legend Dale Watson, the Sunday-night draw is Chicken S*** Bingo. Sissy the chicken is plonked on to a giant bingo card, and, well, you can guess what happens next.

Barton Springs Pool. A spring-fed swimming pool and popular year-round hangout where the water is always 20°C. Which, scientists have discovered is a pleasant temperature not only for humans but also for the Barton Springs salamander, a protected species that has probably been slithering and sliming around with the other swimmers all along.

Barton Springs Pool

Keep Austin Weird. The phrase that launched a thousand bumper stickers was coined 16 years ago by a librarian called Red Wassenich, when he phoned in a pledge to a local radio station. It has since been ripped off by T-shirt makers and other municipalities across America.

Strange Laws. In Texas it’s illegal to milk another person’s cow. Or to take more than three sips of hops in succession while standing.

Cowboys. Austin is in Texas, after all, and dudes still ride around on horseback.

The Texas Longhorns. The Dallas Cowboys are more famous, but when in Austin be polite and express support for the Longhorns. “Hook ’em Horns” is their slogan and hand gesture – that goofy heavy-metal thing where you make a fist with your thumb and little finger sticking out and wave your hand in the air. Kind of cute when you realise what the sticky-out fingers look like.texas-longhorn


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