12 Most Stunningly Colorful Towns In The World

Photo by fldlcc at Shutterstock

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Visually, Old San Juan brings feelings of romance and happiness with its perfectly coordinated candy and bright pastel-colored buildings. You’ll be walking on blue-toned cobblestones, and you’ll be looking up at decorated balconies with bright pink bougainvillea flowers that move from the ocean breeze.

Cobblestone streets and a border wall guide you around the city’s colonial buildings with their pastel walls that are deserving of a second visit. This city is full of colorful food and people, not just buildings.

As a bonus, your trip to Puerto Rico won’t be complete until you visit El Morrow. Even as you approach this medieval fortress on foot, it is impressive, but once inside its walls, the expanse, and engineering/architecture make it a one-of-a-kind self-tour experience. The fact that this six-story structure is set on the coast adds natural beauty that is icing on the cake.

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