12 Great Low-Budget Places To Visit In The US

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Exploring Albuquerque’s history, you’ll find it resembles a tree trunk: The city has expanded outward throughout time. At the heart is Old Town, where the original village was founded in 1706. Cobblestone streets are what give this neighborhood character where Native American and Spanish cultures still blend.

You’ll also find a small level of kitsch kept from the youth of Route 66 that runs through the center of town. Head further out, and you’ll find expansive homes and lush vineyards in the North Valley and Corrales. Despite the ongoing urban sprawl, Albuquerque stays true to its roots.

You can find many Hispanic flavors in the city’s restaurants. Native American arts and crafts hang on many gallery windows. But despite its 300-year-old age, Albuquerque is nothing short of cosmopolitan, with its funky boutiques, performance venues, and fun nightlife.

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