12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by Vladimir Korostyshevskiy at Shutterstock

Astroland, Coney Island, NY

Coney Island is the capital of amusement parks in the New York area. Specifically, Brooklyn morphs into a vibrant entertainment stop every summer. However, there was a point when it was even more dynamic and bustling! One of the most famous is Astroland, which opened in 1962 as a futuristic space-themed park at West 10th Street on the boardwalk. The park had 32 rollercoasters and was an excellent spot for entertainment with rides.

In 2006, it was sold to Thor Equities by the Albert family, who had plans to redevelop the area as a resort. However, under the agreement, the Alberts had to continue to operate the Cyclone. So officially, Astroland became Dreamland in 2008 and then eventually Luna Park in 2010. The park developed in terms of technology and rides through the years, but issues began to appear. A few years ago, Luna Park was evacuated as a precaution because of a problem with the Astrotower swaying. The park called the New York Fire Department over concerns regarding the structural support of the former operational ride, which was in the center of the area. Because of potential risks, the park has been abandoned ever since.

Fun Fact: Astroland appears in the 1979 movie The Warriors and the 2003 movie Uptown Girls.

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