12 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks In America

Photo by Melissa Tate at Shutterstock

Dinosaur World, Beaver, AR

What was once the largest dinosaur park in the world is now a place where you can learn the history of the American freeway, the rise and fall of the roadside attraction, and the long-lingering dinos once known as the Land of Kong that have faded away into obscurity. Guests of Dinosaur World used to travel back to the prehistoric age of cavemen and dinosaurs.

It is located in Beaver, AR, and this park was in service from 1967-2005. At some point, it went by the name “John Agar’s Land of Kong” to pay tribute to the park’s 40ft tall model of the ape. What first started as a collection of some life-size dinosaurs grew into the home of about 100 of these figures. The old sign that greets guests at the park, which is now overgrown with foliage, reads, “We accept no responsibility for those eaten!”

Fun Fact: The tyrannosaurus is highlighted in the 2005 film Elizabethtown and is displayed on the film’s cover.

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