12 Beautiful Hidden Gems in the US

Photo by Arlene Waller at Shutterstock

Supai, Arizona

Go and explore the unbelievable blue-green waters of an Indian village in the Havasu Canyon at the end of the Hualapai Trail. The secluded town of Supai near the Grand Canyon is a hidden gem of stunning year-round waterfalls. What makes the place interesting is that it’s only accessible on foot. Even their mail is delivered by mule.

To get to this location, you must first hike 8 miles. However, once you are there, you can enjoy an invigorating dive in the waterfalls and travertine pools of Havasu Creek. From there, it’s still another 2 miles hiking to the camping area. This is a great place to enjoy the night sky for stargazing.

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2 thoughts on “12 Beautiful Hidden Gems in the US”

  1. Carmen Stanza Sr.

    Not too impressed with these as “gems”. However, I do like the car in first pic. I have a similar one that I took in Allison, Pa. Now I have to look for it.


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