11 US Places Only Locals Know About

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Coyote Buttes Ravine, Marble Canyon, AZ

The Wave is one of the most incredible geological formations globally, and it was only discovered in the 90s in the Coyote Buttes ravine. Over millions of years, immense sandstone structures have been shaped by rain, wind, and ice because these dunes have been calcified horizontally and vertically.

It’s not your typical destination when heading to Arizona, and they are tough to see because only 20 visitors are permitted into the ravine to walk through daily, with grants being issued through lotteries. This is an excellent place for the adventurous because there are many things to do like hiking, rafting, ATV rentals, horse riding, camping, and a sanctuary tour.

Plan ahead because it’s only open five days a week. Saturday and Sunday it’s closed.

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2 thoughts on “11 US Places Only Locals Know About”

  1. Claire Manfredo

    OMG my school, the Fashion Institute of Technology took us here as field trip, I guess. I graduated in 1979. It was an art history course.