11 US Places Only Locals Know About

Photo by Kinlee Lynn Hawkins st Shutterstock

Hamilton Pool, Austin, TX

You probably aren’t thinking of the beach when you’re in Austin, but if you go to the Hamilton Pool, you’ll see a naturally formed spring in the limestone bedrock. It looks as if it was plucked from a tropical island and dropped into the middle of Austin’s limestone hills.

The cave and waterfall are part of a now protected preserve, and visitors will be blown away by the overhanging dome that once hid the entire grotto until it collapsed. It’s safe now, but before you go, make reservations because they are required to swim in this gorgeous and refreshing water.

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2 thoughts on “11 US Places Only Locals Know About”

  1. Claire Manfredo

    OMG my school, the Fashion Institute of Technology took us here as field trip, I guess. I graduated in 1979. It was an art history course.