11 Underrated National Parks That Deserve Your Love

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Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Oregon is just overflowing with beautiful places. The region of Crater Lake National Park is over 181,000 acres and was formed in 1902 around Blue Lake. It is one of the most incredible weekend trips from Portland. Many things make Crater Lake a US park worth visiting, from its surrounding mountains to Wizard Island and more. Most visitors venture to the Oregon national park in summer, but it is worth a winter visit to experience the snow.

The local attraction is “Lake Wanderer,” a log that’s been floating vertically for over a hundred years. The wood hasn’t deteriorated despite the cold water temperatures. A gigantic, charming basin ringed by towering cliffs, Crater Lake’s crazy-deep water sets a scene stunning enough to be one of the earliest National Parks picked in 1902. That dark blue but clear is like nothing else you’ll ever see or jump into. Due to the remote location, Crater Lake historically has never pulled in too many people, but lately, word seems to be going around.

Visitor numbers have risen nearly 25% in past years. So head out there before it becomes too in demand. Avoid the weekends of July and August, and you’re sure to find privacy, whether you do so while exploring the remarkably named Wizard Island cinder cone in the middle of the lake or snowshoeing the border of the stunning water.

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor

    I found all this information and wonderful photography absolutely fascinating!! There are so many fabulous places in this country that I will never see — Thank you SOO muh for bringing them to me!