11 Underrated National Parks That Deserve Your Love

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Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Yes, this may be the park where Aron Ralston (James Franco in the movie) amputated his arm while trapped! But don’t let 127 Hours scare you. There are plenty of epic scenes you can take in without having to remove appendages. We suggest taking a buddy or two and your 4×4 (or you can rent one in Moab) and drive down White Rim Road, a 100-mile trip around and below the mesa top. You’ll take in tremendous Mars-like desert panoramas while the crowds over at nearby Arches National Park are stuck in traffic.

This park’s unique geography makes it a magnificent destination for hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking. The White Rim Road allows visitors to have free access to various park sections, including the Island in the sky. Keep in mind that for driving or biking across The White Rim Road, day permits are necessary. Enjoy the natural wonder of Canyonlands National Park. However, do your best to decrease your influence on the area and wildlife.

Most visitors join groups to the Island in the sky, but others head over to the Needles and Maze. If you are a kayaking or rafting fan, the Colorado River and the Green River await you. Leap into the heart of adventuring and explore the inexperienced.

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  1. Elizabeth Taylor

    I found all this information and wonderful photography absolutely fascinating!! There are so many fabulous places in this country that I will never see — Thank you SOO muh for bringing them to me!