11 Things You Should Absolutely NEVER Do In A Hotel Room

Break Something And Lie: Accidents happen, but breaking something in your room and keeping it a secret can harm the staff or future guests. Guests can cut themselves by stepping on a shard of glass. Since glass is tough to spot, the room may have been cleaned, but the housekeeper can miss a small piece, and a future guest can step on it.

Leave Important Jewelry Around: In the hospitality business, management can’t always stop thieves from putting their sticky fingers where they don’t belong, so don’t leave any precious belongings in your room unless it’s in a hotel-provided safe. Double-check your insurance policy to guarantee you’re covered in case of theft. It’s critical to report any lost or stolen items as soon as possible.

Forget To Inspect The Bed: Even the nicest hotels and housekeepers can’t keep creepy critters from making their way into bedrooms. It would be great if you put your luggage in the bathtub until you check for bedbugs.

Restock The Minibar: There’s no crime in savoring a drink from the hotel minibar. After all, that’s the idea. But if you take a bottle of whiskey out of there, pay for it. Don’t try to fool the hotel staff by replacing the liquor with a half-sipped bottle of Coke. This happens more than you think, and those who do it still get charged for taking that expensive little bottle of alcohol.

Boil Your Undies In The Kettle: Well, here is a disturbing one. Yes, it has actually happened. Hotel staff have come across guests boiling their underwear in kettles, pots, or steamers to “freshen them up.” Gross!

Use The Throw Pillows: The throw pillows on the bed or couch don’t usually have removable sleeves, so you can be sure they are never cleaned thoroughly. After they get too stained or smelly, the hotel will replace them. Meanwhile, you can be sure there have been many faces, bottoms, and other things lounging around on those pillows, so you may want to steer clear!”

Use The Fire Sprinkler As A Coat Hanger: Personally, I would use a closet to hang my clothes. If you use a fire sprinkler, you should probably stop! A foolish stunt like this could not only set off a hotel’s fire alarm but can also burst the pipes, causing water to flood the room.

Send Sensitive Information Over Hotel Wi-Fi: Given how easy it is to hack free Wi-Fi hotspots, you might as well be shouting your passwords and bank info down the hall. Tourists should use encryption to shield their internet activity when transferring critical information.

Dye Your Hair: If you have recently dyed your hair, either avoid washing it or bring your own towel as a courtesy to the hotel. The damages to the towels and bed linens are irreversible.

Sneak In Your Pets: We all want to take our furry friends on trips with us, but don’t do it without first asking if the hotels you’re staying in are pet-friendly. When the answer is no, don’t try to pull a fast one on the staff. Animals leave trails of hairs, prints, and smells, and your cleaning fees will skyrocket if you’ve broken the hotel rules.

Hotels are obviously comfortable, but always make sure to avoid unpleasant circumstances for a stress-free stay. Make sure to keep our advice in mind while staying in a  hotel. Just follow the hotel rules to avoid being over-charged, and you’ll have a relaxing trip.


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