11 Stunning US Locations With Amazing Natural Phenomenon

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Devil’s Kettle, Minnesota

Devil’s Kettle is the name for the spot where the Brule River splits in two and half of it vanishes. Oddly, one half of the Brule river empties into what appears to be an 800-foot gorge with no outlet in sight. For years, people have been trying to find out where the water leads. Dye, ping pong balls, and even small cameras have disappeared into the hole, never to be seen again. One theory is that it eventually empties into the Pacific ocean, but the truth is a mystery to this day.

The DNR said it used science to conclude that the water disappears into the rock at Devil’s Kettle and reenters the river from underground but has yet to prove this theory. According to the DNR, hydrologists last fall found nearly identical volumes of water flowing both above the Devil’s Kettle waterfall and below it. That shows the water is most likely rises in the stream below the waterfall. They plan on testing this hypothesis in the future with a dye trace to show where the water resurfaces. During low-water flow, “they will pour a fluorescent, biodegradable dye into the pothole and note where the dye reenters the river.”

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