11 Small Towns And Cities In The US That Are Safe AND Charming

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Arvada, Colorado

Arvada has more than enough to fill your day, weekend, or even just an afternoon, from dining and shopping to all the festivals and cultural events! This small town in Colorado ranks as one of the US cities with the least number of crimes. With its population of about 102,125, Arvada has progressed in minimizing crime rates dramatically.

Throughout the last year, only 77 violent crimes occurred in the city. The Police Department of Arvada boasts all-wheel drive Police Interceptor Utility Vehicles to control criminal activities throughout the city, so Arvada is among the safest cities in our country.

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8 thoughts on “11 Small Towns And Cities In The US That Are Safe AND Charming”

    1. How can any place in California be safe to live in?! The whole west coast is beautiful and used to be safe with plenty of fun things to do. Now that the Democrats have taken over, run as fast as you can from the west coast.

  1. Thomas Josephi

    I would add to your list of small towns which a safe and charming, the place where i now live, Monongahela, Pa. It’s in western Pennsylvania about 27 miles from Pittsburgh. It is a lovely old town over 150 years old with wonderful homes and buildings. Mny of the families and businesses have been her for generations. It has a wonderful business district with fine shops and restaurants with places within walking distance. It has a good economy and an affordable cost of living. There is little crime here because we have a fine police department, fire department, paramedics and a fine local hospital. The buildings are well kept up and there is no slums or grafitti. People are friendly and say hello on the streets. There are other fine communities like this in the easteren and midwestern United States that should be included.

  2. Fascinating that nothing is mentioned about the cost of living in any of these towns; any place is CA is cost-prohibitive and the same is true for anything in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Doesn’t matter how safe it is if you can’t afford to live there. Just sayin’.