11 Small Towns And Cities In The US That Are Safe AND Charming

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Virginia Beach, VA

This “small town” is home to almost half a million people, so it’s technically not THAT small, but it boasts beautiful beaches, historical sites, and a handful of state parks within close distance. With the city’s enormous population and flourishing tourism industry, it wouldn’t be unusual for Virginia Beach to be home to a big criminal population as well.

However, it has done an excellent job of keeping property crimes in check, with its crime rate just 20% higher than the Virginia average, but that’s still 10% lower than the national average. The city sometimes can’t protect your wallet, but it DOES do a good job protecting its residents and many visitors from violent crimes. Compared to the nation, the violent crime rate in Virginia Beach is 55% lower.

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24 thoughts on “11 Small Towns And Cities In The US That Are Safe AND Charming”

    1. These are not small town I live in a small town which is less than 20 thousand not 100 thousand or more

    1. How can any place in California be safe to live in?! The whole west coast is beautiful and used to be safe with plenty of fun things to do. Now that the Democrats have taken over, run as fast as you can from the west coast.

  1. Thomas Josephi

    I would add to your list of small towns which a safe and charming, the place where i now live, Monongahela, Pa. It’s in western Pennsylvania about 27 miles from Pittsburgh. It is a lovely old town over 150 years old with wonderful homes and buildings. Mny of the families and businesses have been her for generations. It has a wonderful business district with fine shops and restaurants with places within walking distance. It has a good economy and an affordable cost of living. There is little crime here because we have a fine police department, fire department, paramedics and a fine local hospital. The buildings are well kept up and there is no slums or grafitti. People are friendly and say hello on the streets. There are other fine communities like this in the easteren and midwestern United States that should be included.

    1. I love this. I do not live far from here…and only have passed thru or passed by… never stopped… will definitely take a better look!!! Thanks!!

  2. Fascinating that nothing is mentioned about the cost of living in any of these towns; any place is CA is cost-prohibitive and the same is true for anything in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Doesn’t matter how safe it is if you can’t afford to live there. Just sayin’.

  3. So you’re telling me that there are no cute affordable quaint little town in the Upper Midwest? I’m not a believer of these town!

  4. I live in a small town of only 2072 and everyone is friendly it’s like living in Mayberry. The town is EUREKA SPRINGS ARKANSAS, built in the 1800’s,it’s old school and no MLK street in my town. This is the place I picked to die in since I’ve been retired, 2018 people are so nice, lazy but nice.

  5. Most of these towns are suburbs of larger Cities, they are not separate town’s. They still have all the problems of the bigger cities.

  6. Los Angeles is a great place to get mugged , beat up in the streets, get robbed on the bus and street, get raped while jogging, drive by shootings, smash and grab theft, car jacking, knifings, break ins, Racist unrest, fires, murder, all the crooks have guns but you can’t have one, don’t wear your jewelry it will be stolen off your body, everything is extra expensive especially gasoline and groceries and rents are absurd. Other than these few items its a great place to live.

    1. Los Angeles and cities like it are like sardine cans stuffed until they pop the seal and spew, too many rats in a cage so they fight each other. Lot of open land, desert, etc, but it’s easier to pile rats on top of each other than to build a new town. The less affluent in those cities have the most baby rats, though they cannot afford them, so there you have it, the formula for misery.

    1. No place for these types to live in Old Greenwich. Stamford, Port Chester areas easier to frequent and concentrated populations as well as illegals swamp these areas

  7. The best kind I found was in western PA. I was born there, and the reason the crime rate is low in these small towns is because everybody is armed, either with a pistol or two, and a pump shotgun. My Mother’s Dad had 9 pistols hidden around the house, and one guy tried to break in. He was met with a 44 Magnum. Word got out that robbers and thieves do not live long there, and the crime rate there is next to nothing. Also, people there look out for each other. Not a bad way to live.


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