11 Most Majestic Sunset Locations In America

Photo by Cavan-Images at Shutterstock

Ensign Peak,  Utah

Rising over Salt Lake City’s northern skirt, Ensign Peak is a short, relatively easy, all-season hike with a lot of history. There’s a monument at the half-mile trail mark and a railed-in patio for valley gazing. Not only do visitors catch a heavenly sunset on this prominent peak, but they also take in history.

This small peak is the ideal way to view the city. Just don’t do it on the hottest day of the year because it won’t be memorable. Take a picnic and watch the sunset. The Peak usually draws a crowd. People up there have been known to play guitars and sing, launch drones and crawl around the rocks, with loads of children playing and chasing each other. It’s a community hike, so you shouldn’t expect too much privacy if that’s what you’re looking for!

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