11 Most Breathtaking Cliffs Around The US

Photo by Galyna_Andrushko at Envato Elements

Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona/Utah

Most people visiting this protected area come to see Buckskin Gulch, The Wave, and Paria Canyon, which can all be found in the northwest part of the monument, generally called Coyote Buttes.

These incredibly scenic features, with their vibrant colors and intriguing forms, attract photographers, artists, and tourists alike. They’re part of the Colorado Plateau’s Grand Staircase, which is best described as a series of escalators.

The cliffs are coated with a carpet of flowers in the spring, dramatically enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Because of the large concentration of iron oxide in the soil, the cliffs have a reddish hue and become even more attractive to visitors who come to see them as a result of this.

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