11 Most Breathtaking Cliffs Around The US

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Caney Fork Gorge, Tennessee

The next time you’re in Music City, you may want to take a slight detour about 84 miles from Nashville. Located in the Rock Island State Park, the Caney Fork Gorge is the spot where the Caney Fork River ends below the Great Falls Dam.

This deep gorge has gorgeous cascading waterfalls, scenic look-out points, deep-blue pools that beckon you to swim, tranquilizing water for fishing and kayaking, and several natural pathways for hiking and exploring.

Inside Rock Island State Park, the Caney Fork Gorge attracts jumpers and nature rubberneckers, with its family of waterfalls splashing into one of the best small swimming holes in Tennessee.

Just pick a spot, but make sure the water is high enough, hop right in alongside the hipsters and country folk.

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