11 Most Beautifully Stunning Libraries in America

Photo by Wichai Cheva Photography at Shutterstock

William W. Cook Legal Library, Ann Arbor, MI

If you’re an architecture nerd mixed with a Harry Potter fan, this 13-floor place is where you want to be! You’ll understand why when you see the vast reading room, complete with elegant chandeliers, large desks, and wooden paneling.

The 182 elegant stained glass windows stand out in this huge place. Each is a seal of a distinguished university from around the world. Among the seals are Harvard, Yale, Brown, Howard, Oxford, University of Edinburgh, and Carnegie Mellon.

The library’s collection includes rare law books, the oldest being a first edition of Johannes Nider’s De contractibus mercatorum, circa 1468!

The outside isn’t exactly an eyesore either. You won’t want to miss the corbel wall stone carvings.

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4 thoughts on “11 Most Beautifully Stunning Libraries in America”

  1. The Air Force Academy Library in Colorado is supposed to be quite impressive too. I’ve only seen the outside. Maybe it’s not considered a public library.

  2. When I was in high school, research was done at the library.
    Going downtown was a treat.
    I remember spending as much time exploring the library as I did on research each time I visited. It was breathtaking for someone from a small town with a one room, but very clean and efficient public library.