11 Most Adorable Small Towns In America

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Located on the Mississippi River, the graceful town of Natchez has everything you might expect from a classic Southern town. History lives here through the 18th-century homes, traditional down-home cuisine, and breathtaking scenery. The phrase southern hospitality plays a huge role in the ambiance of this small Mississippi River town through its heritage, the buildings lining the city streets, and the welcoming people.

What To See And Do:

  • Natchez is packed with breathtaking views of the Mighty Mississippi, exceptionally kept historic homes and churches.
  • Historic walking trails, beautiful parks, and hand-crafted southern home cooking.
  • Informative tours of the city, and much more for you to explore.
  • Here you can linger along the riverbank, hitch a ride on a horse-drawn carriage, even visit the town’s museums and art galleries.
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