10 Ways Coronavirus Could Affect Your Travel Plans

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Minimizing the health risks in the plane

We have to admit that the coronavirus pandemic brings many changes, even in our hygiene rituals. The truth is that people will be more preoccupied with their personal hygiene, especially when they travel. For instance, according to health specialists, you should use the bathroom in the terminal, rather than on the plane, because terminal bathrooms are cleaned more often. This way you will minimize the risk of infection with coronavirus.

Also, you should get your ticket with a window seat, because it might be the safest seat. “Prior research has shown that people in window seats come into contact with fewer people and move around less on a plane,” said Dr. David Abramson, a clinical associate professor at New York University’s School of Global Public Health and the director of the research program PiR2. “ Both of these things are protective.”

Yet, it is very important to disinfect any surface that you touch, especially the seat tray and the seat’s arm rest. You should try to wash your hand often and do not touch your face if you are flying.

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