10 Ways Coronavirus Could Affect Your Travel Plans

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The number of higher-risk travel employees will be limited

According to coronavirus studies, the elderly are more prone to contracting the virus and developing complications, and young people heal faster. In this regard, there is speculation that employees over the age of 50 who work in the travel industry and have to interact with dozens of people every day will get another job that does not involve interaction. This rule will probably be applied to employees who have to travel for work as well.

“My first thought when considering how to protect people who are traveling is, how old is this traveler? Can we send someone from the company who’s younger, especially if the person is over 50? People who were between the ages of 60 and 70 in China, of those who were recognized, died at a rate of around 2%. From the perspective of risk, you’re much better off having younger people do essential business travel, rather than the middle-aged or elderly,” Dr. Luby said.

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