10 Ways Coronavirus Could Affect Your Travel Plans

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You should travel only if it is necessary

Even though there are some states, such as Washington, California, New York or Florida, that have declared a state of emergency and have implemented certain restrictive policies, it does not mean that travel will be affected, because flights are not canceled. “That flexibility that the government then gains might allow the government to lay out certain policies and those policies, in turn, could easily affect what an individual can do or not do,” said Jessica Justman, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Nonetheless, it should be your responsibility to travel these days only if it is absolutely necessary or you do not have to interact with older people.

“What puts people more at risk while traveling is that they come in contact with lots of other people, and also there’s prolonged exposure to other people and shared surfaces in a confined space. [If you do need to travel] this would be a time where you might drive your car instead of taking mass transport,” said Dr. Stephen Luby, a professor of medicine specializing in infectious diseases at Stanford University.

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