10 U.S. Waterfalls That Will Take Your Breath Away

Photo by Doug Lemke – Shutterstock.com

10: Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan

Plenty of people describe Tahquamenon Falls as heaven on earth. Located in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan, this small cluster of waterfalls are nothing short of beautiful, particularly due to the several paved paths you can take within the forest area in order to glimpse the majestic waterfalls from different angles.

The most impressive is the one known as the Upper Tahquamenon Falls, a 50-foot drop that is the perfect backdrop for any family photo. Further downstream you’ll come across the Lower Tahquamenon Falls made out of five lesser declines that continue on towards Lake Superior.

Along the route you’ll find three sections of stairs that photographers flock to regularly in order to snap an ideal photo, so make sure you bring a good camera with you and try to find the perfect frame!

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