10 Stunning U.S. Caves You Need to See With Your Own Eyes

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2. Wind Cave National Park

Visit South Dakota for a chance to see the first cave in the world to be preserved as part of a national park with your own eyes, the Wind Cave National Park. Established in 1903, the cave was originally discovered by Europeans in 1881. However, it’s also believed to have been referenced in Lakota Sioux folklore well before that.

Named after the cave’s continual atmospheric pressure breathing, it is recognized as the world’s densest cave systems. Unsurprisingly, with 140 miles of chartered passageways under its belt!

Two of the better-known attractions are the Post Office and Elks Room formations, but this region has more to offer than just caverns! Make sure to go for a walk above ground as well so you can feast your eyes on the nation’s largest preserved mixed-grass prairie region. Here you can go down various trails and even visit the nearby Black Hills, so make sure you leave enough room in your itinerary for countless discoveries.

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  1. I know of two other caves that are popular. In Utah The Timp cave in a mountain called Mt. Timpanogus. (Sp). Arizona the Kartchner Caves by David, Arizona