11 Stunning Valleys To Visit In The US

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Waipio Valley


The Waipio Valley, located on Hawaii’s Big Island, is remote, with a steep, rugged terrain looking down over it. The valley is home to several large waterfalls that cascade over the rocky terrain to its ground below. It sits at sea level and is bordered by black sands on one side and tall cliffs on the other. Many travel to the valley to surf the waves because its location means only a handful of riders are in the water most days. The valley is also home to a small number of taro farmers who till the valley’s rich soil. It is pure Hawaiian excellence.

Things To See And Do:

  1. Waipio on Horseback
  2. Visit the many Waipio art shops.
  3. Check out the Waipio Valley and Waterfalls Adventure
  4. Take a sunset cruise.
  5. Kayak & Snorkel or Whale-Watching Tour to a Marine Sanctuary.

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