10 Breathtaking Locations That Will Make You Fall In Love With Fall

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Vail, Colorado


  1. Imagine looking down at the Autumn foliage from a hot air balloon and seeing the majestic Rocky Mountains, rivers, colorful leaves, lakes, and waterfalls.
  2. Adventures include horseback riding, fly-fishing, bike riding, and walking around the Vail Farmer’s Market.
  3. Vail is full of farm-to-table dining options.
  4. Scenic drives to fully capture the area’s essence include driving through the Battle Mountain Pass, Brush Creek Road, Red Sandstone Park, and Independence Pass.
  5. Check out The Arrabelle at Vail Square. It’s perfect for a family stay. Rooms are spacious and intimate, and the hotel offers unique touches like a balcony with a view of Vail, pumice stones in the shower, and an electric fireplace.
  6. Another great option is The Lodge at Vail, where there are wood-burning fireplaces and marble bathrooms, plus balconies and mountain views.

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