10 Breathtaking Canyons You Have to Add to Your Bucket List


Photo by Jason Patrick Ross – Shutterstock.com

1. The Grand Canyon

Of course, we had to start off our list with one of the most popular canyons not just in the U.S. but in the entire world. They don’t call it the GRAND Canyon for nothing, with over 55 million visitors every year and 277 miles in length.

We must all thank the Colorado River for caring out the canyon’s steep sides, as it has been doing for millions of years.

Its iconic horizontal lines depict different layers of rocks, with the very bottom of the canyon being over 2 billion years old- that should put everything into perspective, time-wise!

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6 thoughts on “10 Breathtaking Canyons You Have to Add to Your Bucket List”

    1. Yes! We drove thru there in May and it was really amazing! We were on our way to Utah where we went to Arches and Canyonlands Natl. Parks, which were wonderful.

  1. have been to the Grand Canyon just as the pandemic was called. it was so beautiful. Now want to do everything in Utah.

  2. Deborah B Hartzell

    In addition to the Grand Canyon, there are numerous other canyons in Arizona that are also breathtaking. The area around the Grand Canyon is full of them and they can be searched for online.

  3. Michael Hofmann

    Canyon De Chelly outdoes all the canyons above with one possible exception! A truly remarkable natural wonder, located in the heart of the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona, it is steeped in history and is spellbinding to behold!