All The Steps You Need For Your Long Term Vacation

A few years ago our kids went to study in the US, leaving us with an empty nest. Since then an annual 4- week visit to the US and elsewhere has become a regular feature. Our travels have been engaging experiences and I thought of sharing a few tips on planning long  vacations.

So here goes…

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Peerless Meghalaya’s Natural Beauty

I stared wide-eyed at the two bridges. The first was made of bamboo and the second of rusty iron cables; both had steel wires to hold onto for support. A board read “Don’t shake the bridge”, but despite my best efforts to adhere to this instruction, it shook and swung as I walked over it.

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rediscovery cruise

Luxury Boats and Yachts Rides In Goa

Goa’s backwaters and hinterland are stunning, historical, authentic and still completely unchanged. Discover the nature trails by taking a guided boat tour of the area. Visualize a 360 degree picturesque scene and colourful parallel shores on either side as you experience both sunrise and sunset.

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Grand Mercure-Mysuru

Grand Mercure – Mysuru, Karnataka

This erstwhile royal city wears its regal heritage with great pride— and nowhere is this more vivid than in the mighty sprawl of the massive confection of the Mysore Palace, which dominates the city skyline.

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Wildfitness Zanzibar, Tanzania: Tropical Forests & Entertainment

With tropical forests, white sands and turquoise shallows, feel the freedom of nature at Wildfitness Zanzibar. Share a life-changing fun-filled adventure with friends in the tranquil Chwaka Bay. The retreat was developed with the natural beauty of Zanzibar’s environment in mind: snorkel amidst turquoise waters, stretch out on empty beaches and sweat it up with high intensity workouts. Read More

Ocean Soul Retreat, Bali: Relax All Your Senses

Bali is always a good idea: especially for a warm holiday break with the besties! Surrounded by vibrant tropical gardens, this female-only retreat provides you with the idyllic atmosphere to connect and find your inner zen. Read More