Perth: Discover the Secret Wilderness of City Life

Why go? Closer to Asia than Sydney or Melbourne, Perth’s isolation is one of its greatest lures. Now, its remote wilds are a kangaroo hop away as Qantas launches the first direct Heathrow-Perth flights from March, transforming what was once a multi- day, multi-stop route into one 17-hour journey. Continue reading

Living on The Edge – Bhutan

A single mesmerising moment. That was all it took to realise a long-held dream. For years I had yearned to explore the far reaches of the secluded kingdom of Bhutan, locked high in the Himalaya between Tibet and India.

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Long Weekend in Moscow, Russia

The nesting doll’s eyes met mine from across the marketplace. Surrounded by a cornucopia of Soviet trinkets, vinyl records, embroidered shawls and kebab stalls, it was something about the promise she offered, of more treasures hidden within, that compelled me to start haggling.

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